7 Filipino Celebrities With the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

7 Filipino Celebrities With the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for celebrities to flaunt their expensive engagement rings. After all, stars earn a hefty paycheck, whether they’re under contract or just finished a massive project. However, mere mortals like us are still surprised when we find out how much their engagement rings are worth. 

We’ve rounded up 7 Filipino celebrities who wore multimillion-peso-engagement rings to mark the start of their happy ever after.


1. Toni Gonzaga

First on the list is the ultimate multimedia star’s sophisticated sparkler, a studded band with a prong-setting diamond rock. Toni Gonzaga’s 1.5-carat diamond solitaire ring costs P2 million and was bought in Israel. 

Although the ring was on the expensive side, Direk Paul Soriano’s proposal seemed to provide balance. Right after Toni’s birthday dinner, he went up to her bedroom along with her family and popped the question. 

2. Vicki Belo

Fitting for the founder and CEO of the Belo Medical Group empire, Vicki Belo was given an extravagant engagement ring by fiancé Hayden Kho. It featured an Ashoka-cut diamond, one of the rarest cuts on the planet. 

Although she never revealed its actual worth, her Graff Diamonds’ engagement ring was said to be patented and approximately featured 2-10 carats. To compare, a 12-carat emerald-cut ring has a starting price of $1 million or a whopping P48,000,000, so it’s safe to assume hers sits just below this price.

3. Marian Rivera

One of the most beautiful faces of her generation, Marian Rivera received nothing less than a breathtaking 2.13-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from top actor Dingdong Dantes. Her platinum ring was designed by Harry Winston and weighed 2.48 carats.

Marian Rivera’s opulent ring was valued at around $59,640 or P2.8 million. The price tag might not be too shocking, considering they’re two of the most prominent actors in Philippine showbiz. However, Marian got engaged twice and has two engagement rings. This means she might be wearing more than just P2.8 million.

4. Pauleen Luna

TV host and actress Pauleen Luna rocked a 3-carat diamond solitaire ring valued at P1.5 million. Her now-husband Vic Sotto flew the engagement ring from Hong Kong. 

Although hers is another million-peso ring, the engagement was quite sweet and simple. Vic Sotto showed her the ring without popping the question yet, and Pauleen Luna excitedly wore the ring. He then asked the question, and she said yes!

5. Angel Locsin

Source: teamangelph.com

Also on this list is our favorite onscreen and real-life heroine, Angel Locsin. Her fiancé, movie producer Neil Arce, gave the multi-awarded actress an elegant 4.24-carat solitaire princess-cut diamond ring in white gold setting. The engagement ring costs P2 million. 

Angel Locsin’s best friend, Dimples Romana, had a special participation in finding the perfect ring. She borrowed one of Angel’s favorite rings from the latter’s assistant, traced it on paper, and sent it to Neil!

6. Sarah Lahbati

Richard Gutierrez’s other half, actress and dancer Sarah Lahbati, owns a 2-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring in platinum/white gold pavé setting. It was reportedly worth P2 million.

Now, Richard’s ring-choosing journey was an interesting one. He enlisted the help of her mom, Anabelle Rama, by asking her to wear a different engagement ring every week to see which one Sarah liked best. The plan worked, and they’re now married with two kids.

7. Cristalle Henares

Cristalle Henares’s huge engagement ring is a no-brainer contender on this list. The 3-carat cushion-cut diamond with a halo setting is a masterpiece by Stephen Lloyd. 

Her fiancé Justin Pitt chose the perfect engagement ring, which featured an Israeli center diamond surrounded by pavé diamonds. Talk about grand, her ring is placed on a diamond-studded band. Like her mom Vicki Belo, Cristalle didn’t reveal the actual worth of her ring. However, judging by its size and embellishments, Cristalle’s ring is probably worth nothing less than a million.


Elegant Engagement Rings

These celebrities (and their respective fiancés!) are just some of the personalities who spent a fortune on their engagement rings. The opulent sparklers mentioned in this article may be beautiful, but not realistic for many. 

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