Love in the Time of COVID-19: What to Expect in a Pandemic Wedding

Love in the Time of COVID-19: What to Expect in a Pandemic Wedding

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt on our normal lives, postponing your wedding to next year or until everything goes back to normal is understandable. In fact, it has become the option for most. However, some couples prefer to not delay their wedding any longer.

There’s no guarantee that the pandemic will end just before your rescheduled wedding next year, or if mass gatherings will even be allowed under the new normal. If you’re one of those who have decided to push through with their wedding plans in the middle of the pandemic, here’s what you can expect.

Smaller Guest List

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Weddings usually have at least 100 guests, but under General Community Quarantine guidelines, gatherings must have only 10-20 attendees. You'll have to trim your list down to your immediate family such as your parents and siblings, and some close relatives at best. Don’t forget that at least two principal sponsors are required to be present at your wedding to act as witnesses.

Physical Distancing

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Guests usually shake your hands, give you a kiss on the cheek, or give you a hug to congratulate you as newlyweds. However, this won’t be allowed during the pandemic. Although you might be living in the same house with your family members or have guests that are very dear to your heart, adhering to physical distancing standards is still required. Remind your guests to wear a mask, keep a distance of at least 2 meters, and sanitize regularly as they say their congratulations or mingle with other guests.

Livestreamed Ceremony

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Although most of your guests cannot attend the celebration, they can still take part in it virtually! Ask your photo and video supplier or your venue if live-streaming your event is part of their #MicroWeddings package. Some suppliers offer this as an add-on during the pandemic so other guests can still witness your union, even from the comfort of their homes.

Reduced Package Rates

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Since weddings will be having less guests, suppliers are also lowering their package rates for intimate weddings. If you already signed a contract prior to the pandemic, ask your supplier if you can avail the intimate wedding package or if there's a workaround regarding this.

Consider a Civil Wedding Ceremony

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Church and garden weddings with 10 to 20 guests exist even before this pandemic, so you can always go for an intimate ceremony and reception if you want. But if you really want a big celebration, you can decide to have a civil wedding first, then have the bigger ceremony and reception once everyone’s ready to attend a large gathering.

Prepare to Downsize Everything

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Covid-19 caught us off guard, so your wedding gown, tux, cakes, and other wedding details were made for a grander celebration. You can try going the minimalist route if you're saving that gown with a long train or lavish floral ceiling decor for a bigger celebration once the pandemic is over. However, it’s still your call if you want to push through with the big and bold details on your intimate wedding. Afterall, a wedding, big or small, is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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