The Most Memorable Celebrity Proposals in the Philippines - Part 1

The Most Memorable Celebrity Proposals in the Philippines - Part 1

The marriage proposal is probably one of the most kilig moments in any couple’s romantic journey together. Some do it through grand gestures, while others prefer a more intimate declaration of love. 

If you haven’t created a plan yet on how to go about your proposal, don’t fret! These celebrities will show you how to do it.  

1. JC Intal & Bianca Gonzalez

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Airports have seen some of the most tearful goodbyes, from OFWs leaving their families to couples breaking up. However, airports are also witnesses to some of the sweetest moments, such as professional basketball player JC Intal’s proposal to renowned TV host Bianca Gonzalez.

Arriving in comfy airport fashion for a flight to London, Bianca was handed red roses by random people from the gate to the check-in counter. While checking in, she was given a banner that read, “Bianca, please say yes.” That’s when familiar faces started giving her roses one by one. 

Now with an idea of what’s going to happen, Bianca was then escorted to JC, who was waiting with a big bouquet on hand. Just like in the movies, a crowd surrounded the couple while JC knelt and asked her hand for marriage!

What makes this proposal very endearing was how their friends traded sleep just to be at the airport very early (Bianca arrived at 4AM!). To add to that, JC and Bianca had one huge fight a week prior, so Bianca probably didn’t expect the proposal at all. According to JC, that fight made him realize that he’s ready to make Bianca her wife. Awww!

2. Rio Dela Cruz and Nicole Wuthrich

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Do you believe in tadhana? For celebrity marathoner Rio Dela Cruz and taekwondo black belt Nicole Wuthrich, that’s exactly what brought them together.

Rio asked his then-fiancee Nicole to ride a UP Ikot jeep, where a photo and video team documenting the entire ride poses as regular commuters. The unsuspecting Nicole was surprised when her favorite band UP Dharma Down boarded the jeep and started doing a jamming session inside! 

When they finally reached The Oblation, Rio went down on one knee and popped the question, all while UP Dharma Down serenades the newly engaged couple.

Here’s the thing--Rio and Nicole met upon chance in UP several years back. Rio was running a marathon, got lost, and asked a bystander where the route was, and that bystander was Nicole. The second chance encounter they had was inside a jeep, and the rest was history. Talk about tadhana!

3. Raffy Tima & Mariz Umali

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Two of the country’s most respected reporters, Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali, were just very good friends for 8 years before they started dating. When it’s finally time to ask Mariz’s hand for marriage, Raffy Tima got a little creative--and asked helped from showbiz A-listers to pull it off!

Fellow reporter Lhar Santiago told them that he secured a copy of the final episode of GMA teleserye Amaya, which Mariz is a super fan of. Surrounded by people close to their hearts, they watched the episode during a party Mariz organized herself.

As the Amaya star Marian Rivera was delivering her lines, a familiar voice over was heard. Raffy Tima appeared on screen and said “Mahal kita, Mariz” in front of the camera while the rest of the cast cheered in the background.

Back to the party, Raffy knelt and asked her the question. Raffy Tima proved that with a little creativity and help from industry peers, you can have that coveted yes!

4. Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera

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Last but definitely not least is the engagement of showbiz royalties on national TV. On Marian Rivera’s self-titled show, Dingdong Dantes showed his immense love for Marian Rivera--live!

Dingdong was a special guest on Marian’s show on her birthday, where he showed photos of Marian behind the camera, with family and friends. After a montage of several photos and recalling memories in between, a video of Dingdong whispering something to Marian as they hugged played.

Now with a clue of what’s going on, Marian’s in tears as Dingdong gets down on one knee, lets out a speech, and tells something about doing it right this time. It turns out, Dingdong already proposed to Marian in Macau 2 years prior, surrounded by Dingdong’s family. 

According to Dingdong, that first proposal was an “epic fail”, so this time, he wanted to do his proposal right. For his second proposal, Marian’s family was able to witness it, so as their massive fanbase and the entire Philippines watching. And oh, did we mention Marian’s engagement ring is one of the most expensive in local showbiz?

The Sweetest Wedding Proposals

These celebrities took their proposals up a notch to show the lovely lady in their lives how special they are. If you’re planning to pop the question soon but don’t know how to do it, you can take inspiration from these celebrity proposals so you’ll have an idea on how to make your own proposal truly memorable. 

Need more ideas? Watch out for the part two of this celebrity proposal series.

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