10 Minimalist Engagement Ring Ideas That Are Simple Yet Sophisticated

When we think of engagement rings, we usually picture ultra-sparkling, big-stoned ones. However, some soon-to-be brides prefer a more understated engagement ring wrapped around their finger. If you think she is drawn to dainty, muted designs, here are 10 minimalist engagement ring ideas to choose from.

1. Trillion-Shaped Diamond Ring

Source: Pinterest

Make her say I do in a split second with a trillion-shaped diamond ring. The tiny triangle center stone is a more modern take on the usual round brilliant engagement ring.

2. Sapphire Engagement Ring

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that echoes your intentions, this sapphire ring is what you’re searching for. Sapphire is a known symbol of faithfulness and sincerity.

3. Curved Diamond Ring

Source: Pinterest

Noticed the Wonder Woman-esque shape? This minimalist yet unique curved diamond ring style is made for the wonder woman in your life. 

4. Crystal Gold Ring

Source: Pinterest

The classy lady in your life will surely love the demure, barely-there design of this crystal gold ring. Plus, it’s commute-friendly!

5. Aquamarine Baguette Ring

Here’s an engagement ring that’s reminiscent of the sea. If the beach is a memorable place for you two, consider an aquamarine baguette ring for your engagement.

6. Ruby Diamond Ring

Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with rubies, the gemstone that symbolizes love, health, and wisdom. A ruby diamond ring is also best for women born in July.

7. White Zirconia Marquise Ring

Source: Pinterest

Marquise-cut diamonds have a slightly vintage vibe to it, so if the woman in your life loves a good mix of old and new, this might be the ring for her.

8. Cubic Zirconia Cluster Ring

Source: Pinterest

Minimalist rings can be luxurious too, and this cubic zirconia cluster ring is proof. The crystals on a thin band look pretty, light, and feminine.

9. Open Cross Diamond Ring

Source: Pinterest

The subtlety of its open cross style and tiny diamond details make for a chic engagement ring. Its open cross style even gives the illusion of the ring hugging your fiance’s finger.

10. Pearl Engagement Ring

Source: Pinterest

Pearls are a classic! This darling will make for the perfect pre-wedding day accessory that will go well with all her other outfits other than the lovely white dress.

Our team at Lily & Co. can recreate these designs to fit the lovely lady in your life. To get started, send us a message on Facebook with a photo of your desired minimalist ring design and we’ll do it for you.