The Little Details To Handcrafted Rings

There’s perhaps no more romantic piece of jewelry than a wedding ring. From the time you exchange your wedding vows, your wedding rings will be one of the few pieces of jewelry that you wear every day. There is great symbolism associated with wearing a wedding ring, including views such as the circle being a symbol of eternity and never-ending love.

We believe that your wedding is all about you, and should reflect who you are as a couple. Biboy and Jane found exactly what they were looking for in each other: someone who made them feel like home. You know how traditionally the bride and groom say "I do" to one another? Well, they turned to Lily & Co. to help them handcraft the sound wave pattern of their wedding vows into their wedding bands.

“Instead of only saying I do, I believe it would be far more intimate if we record our own vows and make it the design of our wedding rings.” Biboy shared. Surely, it isn’t something that you see every day. They weaved their love story with a sound wave etched design on their wedding bands. How romantic is that?

Your wedding is a special occasion. It's the beginning of your life together, and you want to mark it with something that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. When designing your ring, go high and beyond your imagination can get. Lily & Co. wants to hear anything and everything and help you create your dream rings by providing as much detail as possible. Let Lily & Co. take your vision and handcraft something truly special for you.