6 Minimalist Wedding Dress Inspirations for #NewNormal Weddings

Getting married during the current pandemic entails a lot of adjustments, from trimming your guest list down to 10 to opting for a simpler white dress for your big day. While some brides still want to push through with their embroidered gowns with long trains, others want to reserve the elaborate designs for a grander celebration.

Whether you’re on a budget or planning to wear your original gown on a bigger wedding, a minimalist wedding dress is the way to go. Here are some wedding dress ideas for every kind of bride. 

1. For the practical bride 

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If you’re getting married through a civil ceremony and holding a church wedding once the pandemic is over, shorter dresses are perfect. Once paired with heels, these dresses transform from a simple white dress into a stunning wedding attire. The best part about having a knee-length dress for your wedding is you can wear it again for other occasions such as cocktail parties or even a brunch out with your friends. This particular dress was even worn by practical bride, Megan Young!

2. For the effortlessly chic bride

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When you’ve originally planned a garden or beach wedding, but can’t push through with is because of the current situation, don’t fret. You can wear a flowy chiffon wedding dress even for an indoor #NewNormal wedding. This type of dress looks elegant yet effortless, perfect for brides who want to look both parts.

3. For the romantic bride who wants to feel like a princess

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Wanting a ball gown for your big day? Don’t drop your plans for a princess-like wedding gown just yet! Wear a dress with a tulle skirt that falls just below the knee so you can walk down the aisle like the princess that you are. Keep other details muted so it can still fall under a minimalist dress fit for a simpler celebration.

4. For the bride who doesn’t want to wear a dress

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Who says your wedding outfit should always be a dress? Not all brides are comfortable wearing skirts even during special occasions, and that’s okay! You can wear a pantsuit or a sophisticated blouse + pants combo on your big day. To make the outfit more feminine, select one with floral appliques, light beadwork, or a flimsy train. 

5. For the unique and creative bride

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It’s quite uncommon for brides to wear separates for their wedding outfit, but if you’re feeling creative, why not wear co-ords for on your wedding day? A flowy skirt paired with a vintage-inspired top looks gorgeous, especially with a flower crown on your head. Make sure that the top and skirt are made to go together, so they won’t look like separate pieces.

6. For the simple bride who wants to wear a floor-length gown

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There are brides who just aren’t fans of laces, beadwork, and embroidery on their wedding dress. If you’re one of them, you can rock an ultra-simple floor-length gown with an A-line skirt. To add a little oomph, you can choose to keep the front modest and have an open-back design or go for a textured fabric for the dress.

Simple wedding dresses for COVID-19 weddings

Whether you’re planning another celebration right after the pandemic or downsizing your 2020 wedding, minimalist wedding dresses look equally beautiful as their embellished counterparts. Simple doesn’t mean drab, especially if you wear a frock in the right style and fabric. 

Now that we’ve given you ideas for your minimalist wedding dress, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect pair of wedding rings! View our collection here at Lily & Co. or send us a photo of your pegs. We’ll be waiting for your message on our Facebook page!