Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices starts at 14K - ₱17,500.00 for engagement ring and ₱28,500 for couple/wedding rings for size 7 below.

Signity/swiss stone is significantly cheaper. Since it's artificially created in a lab, this stones is inherently flawless in color and clarity. It is also durable and scratch resistant.

Here are the specs of a moissanite stone. It is a great alternative to diamond.

This material has hardness graded 9.5 on the Mohs scale - a rating that is very close to that of diamond, which is a 10 on the same scale.

  • Moissanite has more brilliance than diamond.
  • Moissanite has more "fire".
  • Moissanite weighs less than diamond.
  • Moissanite is much cheaper thank diamond.
  • Moissanite has higher clarity thank diamond, on average.

Signity / swiss stone is artificially created in a lab, way cheaper.

Moissanite is a great alternative for genuine diamond, which is the second hardest stone next to genuine diamond.

Genuine diamond is earth mined natural diamond.

  • Diamonds - Forever
  • Moissante - Forever (with proper care). Very durable and will hold up to everyday wear. It’s not supposed to lose its brilliance or get cloudy over time.
  • Signity/Swiss - Brilliance can last up to 3 yrs with everyday wear, as long as you clean and care for your jewelry.

We accept Bank Transfers/Deposit:

  • BDO and BPI

For Remittance Payments:

  • MLhulier
  • Palawan Express
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  • Western Union

Other Mode of Payments: (currently not available in website checkout)

  • Credit Card via PayPal

Please note:

  • Please send us screenshot of the email confirmation along with bank transfer receipt / bank deposit receipt / paypal payment.
    • Verification of bank payments cut-off, everyday-11am.
  • Pera padala/remittances
    • Payment verification: Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays only.
  • Cheque payments, allowed 1-3days clearance.

Here are the inclusions for Engagement rings:

  • Free elegant ring box
  • Free authenticity card
  • Free 5% lifetime voucher that you can use on your next purchase
  • 6 months warranty due to workmanship

Here are the inclusions for Wedding/Couple rings:

  • Free elegant ring box
  • Free authenticity card
  • Free Engraving
    • Maximum of 18 characters including space/s (any of the ffg.)
      • 1Name + 1Name
      • 1Name + Date (01-22-2019)
      • Bible Verse
  • 6 months warranty due to workmanship

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We are still working on this feature and currently not available in website checkout

Yes we have and we also have stones without GIA but locally certified. The certification of GIA is international but basically the same quality. GIA diamonds are 2x more expensive than a locally certified diamond.

We use Swiss/Signity stone, Moissanite, Gemstone/Birthstone, Genuine Diamond and GIA Diamond available upon request. Let us know to what kind of stone you would like to use on your ring.

Yes, we can also customize your rings in platinum. Our Platinum rings are in PT 950 and can be tested using Densi Meter & Electronic Tester.

24k gold is 100% pure gold. Without the mixture of other metals, 24k gold is prone to being extremely soft and can easily scratch and bend. For that reason, jewelers do not recommend using 24k gold for your engagement ring, wedding bands.


  • Go with the average ring size
  • Try a larger size and resize it later
  • Don't rush, be subtle, work while she sleeps, and use her other jewelry as a baseline (trace the ring and get that sized!)
  • Ask for help from others